Wij zullen doorgaan Krant

We will carry on. (wij zullen doorgaan)

‘We will carry on, the art of getting older’ (Wij Zullen Doorgaan, de kunst van het ouder worden) was an exhibition I made at Museum Het Dolhuys. It is one of the projects I am most proud of. In 2010 most of the so called Baby boomers turned 65. This was the main reason to make an exhibition about the mental state of the elderly. At first we were focusing on an exhibition about alzheimer’s disease, but decided to broaden the theme. The reasons were that an exhibition about the disease is not very attractive selling point but the other reason was that we wanted to show the positive side of getting older as well.

The theme of getting older was not only exhibited but we also made a newspaper, had an outreach project for the less mobile elderly, there were lectures and workshop. My vision was that as a museum you should expand on a theme as much as possible. Not only exhibit but use all kinds of mediums to tell your story.

The title we chose was the title of a famous Dutch song which would resonate with the targetgroup (the babyboomers). The poster image was of a former miss world who at here age still looks beautiful. The main emotion we wanted to show was Pride.

The exhibition was a great success with 20% more attendance in the museum.

The exhibition design and graphic design was done by Caspar Conijn and Ilona Laurijsse. Picture was made by Koos Breukel.









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