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The Loneliest Supermarket in the Netherlands

To boost my social media marketing credentials I felt I had to write something about Facebook. While I know that facebook is a very important marketing tool. It sometimes gets a bit tiresome. I see it as just another means to connect (or sell) to your customers just like an advertisement is.  Ill go deeper into that in another post maybe. But while I was contemplating all that. I did some research in the Dutch Supermarket branch and their Facebook presence. And the difference is stunning. There are brands that have almost no presence at all. And some with a real active facebook page with a few hundred thousand likes.

I matched the number of likes with the marketshare and see there is one Supermarket brand who is really outstanding it is Lidl. The lidl is a low cost supermarket with only generic brands. But their marketshare is rising fast and they do some keen marketing. At their facebook page you can make a date on valentinesday, you can chat with a famous ducth diet guru and all kinds of funny and interesting things. So Lidl..very good work.

But the loneliest is Dirk van der Broek. The strange thing is that even if their staff would like the page the count should be higher. So enjoy my small infographic below with all the numbers.








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