Sell 100% Full Price Sign

Sell time without Sale Signs

At this moment Summer sale started here in the Netherlands. The store windows are plastered with SALE, discount and clearance signs. But I really find those SALE signs annoying. They are so literally appealing to the buying addiction of the consumer (including me). And I like bargains, but most of the time I really don’t need that stuff. A few days ago, I was tricked into buying a 50 euro Hugo Bosch tie just because it had a label with 30% of on it. And furthermore it seems that in a lot of stores it is always SALE time. So you really don’t know if you are buying a bargain or not.

The design of the SALE signs always follow the same template. The colors of the signs always have a high contrast. Most of the time some percentage (30%, 40%, 50%, etc) is in it or some text that has to do with the moment (NOW!, Season, etc). I think that you could easily trick people into believing that there is a SALE going on but it is really not. I made some Signs that look like Sale Signs but are clearly not.






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