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The Psychology of Women’s Shoes

A few days ago I was browsing the New York Times and came across a debate about wearing stilettos (shoes with very very very high heels) in a business environment. The opinions differed from ‘too sexual and not appropriate’ to ‘it is empowering women’. What I missed in the debate was the fact that the shoes a woman wears sends a clear message about her status, social context and what she wants. That is maybe also true for men but It seems to me that shoes for women are broader and more subtle in their message. I don’t think, for example, shoes for men can be as sexy as they are for women (but I am a guy so maybe I am wrong). And woman have also more choice in styles for shoes so it is also easier to convey a certain message. To make it clear what the choice of shoes means I have made this handout for men (and women) to see what the psychology of women’s shoes is.


the psychology of womens shoes

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