Pornhub Creative Director Contest (SFW)

Ok I am also one of the thousand guys who made a advertising campaign for Pornhub that is G-rated and suitable for work. If you have not heard about it. Pornhub a video porn website has a competition that can earn you the title creative director of Pornhub for one year. They want a campaign that can be used in the mainstream media. It could be an april’s fool joke (the deadline is 31st of March at 23:59). But all things considered I thought It was a great exercise to create a campaign on such a controversial topic.

‘The creative brief

Traditionally, porn has been a taboo subject – but the fact is, over 35 million people visit everyday! How do we reach the next 35 million? We need a national advertising campaign that can be channeled through mainstream media. We need to spread the word that porn has something for everyone, and Pornhub should be your go-to site for free videos whenever and wherever you want.

Why is this a challenge? As opposed to internet advertising, where you can show some nudity and people will click, conveying our message through mainstream media will be challenging. We need to promote Pornhub through a G-rated ad campaign without risk of offending, while still being a bit cheeky and fun.’


So here was my response and the design I submitted.


What makes people watch porn? This seems a fairly simple question. You could argue that people watch porn because they like sex. Because they have a deep urge and need to get an orgasm. But do you need porn to get an orgasm? Well certainly not. You can have sex with a real life partner and of course you can get an orgasm with a your own fantasy inside your own head. But in a way some stimulus is always there. Not a lot of people just plain masturbate without some object of affection in mind. So why do people want to watch porn? It comes down to several things.

First: Porn enhances the fantasy that someone has in its mind. It make it just more real. When the urge is to get an orgasm is big. We want the fantasy to become more existent.

Second: Porn is visual. A fantasy inside your head can be easily flushed away by some thoughts about you work or your mother in law. But porn does not do that. Porn is in your face.  So porn is a great way to take your mind of things.

Third: Porn gives you the opportunity to experience sexual preferences that you probably could not achieve easily in real life.

These three points are important because they have to be considered when making an advertisement campaign for Pornhub.

In the brief there is not mentioning of a specific target group. Which is fine because it sets me free to do whatever I think is suitable. But still I am rather curious about the statistics of Pornhub and the porn industry about how Porn is being used. What kind of demographic profiles there are. It seems that Pornhub wants to address everybody with their broad offering of sexual niches.  But the danger is that something for everybody can easily be turned in: there is something for nobody because of the overwhelming choices people have.  This can certainly be the case in advertising.

Now about the work I submitted.

I made a campaign that can be used online and in print media. The advertisement is a bed pictured top down with a sheet covering a body in a more or less erotic pose. The head of the body is a tablet with the face of a famous porn actrice. The slogan is ‘She is For You’ Pornhub.

What does the advertisement convey: It is the fulfillment of a fantasy. She is laying in your bed up for grabs. It is erotic in a way that it shows curves and an erotic pose but it is covered. I think it is very important that the advertisement should have some (g-rated) erotic connotation. Because in the brain of the customer the link must be made “Sex = Pornhub”. When the advertisement is funny or more abstract the connection between “Sex = Pornhub” is less strong.

I had several considerations of the slogan. It started with: “Yes! She is waiting for you at Pornhub”. It could also be “She is for you at, Pornhub” or “She is for you @ Pornhub”. At this moment I choose for ““She is For you, Pornhub”. The reason is that you can read it in several ways if you look at the graphic design. You can read “She is Pornhub” or “For you Pornhub” of “She is For you, Pornhub”. Subconsciously I wanted it to plant those three messages in the head of the customer. In this way the beautiful pornstar on the tablet is associated with Pornhub. But also that Pornhub is a place for you and not only for dirty perverts.

As an online advertisement the body under the sheets and the face on the tablet could be animated when you mouse over the banner. The small banner could collapse on mouse over and also show an animated body and face.

It is of course possible to make several version for different target groups. There could be a guy under the sheets or a shemale or two girls. The slogan would change of course ‘She’ becomes ‘He’ or ‘He/She’. Some extra props could be planted in the visual like handcuffs or lingerie.

Future campaigns could use shadows or use a shower scene (instead of sheets).

I have made a campaign that addresses the needs of the customers. It appeals to the fantasy. It has a strong erotic connotation and it is flexible to use for different target groups and/or tastes.






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