Vistit the north sea, retro poster with oil dumping ships

The North Sea great clean beaches and oil

Yesterday while I was listening to the radio one subject came back again and again and again. It was about oil spillage and oil dumping in the North Sea. According to a Dutch Economist Ben Vollaard more then 500.000 liters of oil is dumped in the North Sea every year. It is cheaper to dump it in sea then to bring it back to shore. Most of the dumping is at night so the coastguard has trouble spotting the criminals. After that news my mind wondered off and sees ships dumping oil in front of the beach where I play with my children every summer.

So I made another poster. This time in Illustrator for the first time. It was hard work and followed several tutorials to get to this result. I am greatly inspired by Alex Mathers and copied a few things of him in this poster (the waves and the sky). The rest I made myself, the boats, the oil spills, the bucket etc.. and the composition off course. I am pretty satisfied with it.

I wanted to give it a Retro look, like an old tourist poster for visiting the beaches at the North Sea. It has a call to action.. ‘Visit’ and the special feature that makes our Dutch beaches so attractive..

 visit the Northsea retro oil dump poster

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