Wapen van Nederland Alternatief, Dutch Coat of Arms Alternative

New Coat of Arms of the Netherlands

Yesterday I was watching a Dutch comedian called Theo Maassen. In his sketch he was saying how ridiculous the Coat of Arms of the Netherlands  is. Het took out his passport which has the Dutch Coat of Arms printed on it. He remarked that this was the Logo of the Netherlands. This Logo is a condensed version of what we the Dutch stand for. Some of his Remarks:

  • Why is the text in French “Je Maintiendrai”.
  • The Two Lions have their tails up, so the are ready for taking a big shit.
  • Typical Dutch those Lions.
  • Why Does the Lion Hold a sword, his claws are weapons enough.
Ok it is more funny when he is saying it.
He suggested to replace the Lions with frogs and replace the text with a Dutch sentence “Doe FF Normaal”, which means “Act Normal”. So I took his suggestions by the hand and made my a new Coat of Arms for the Netherlands. The result can be seen below:

Wapen van Nederland Alternatief, Dutch Coat of Arms AlternativeThe Original Coat of Arms:


The Sketch by Theo Maassen in  Dutch:

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