The image of the Dutch flag

I made this video of a flag for my Dutch audience. It also had the text ‘We speak Dutch’ and the video played in a loop. But it kind of backfired, the feedback I got was that it resembled a webpage of the Dutch right-wing party the PVV. I was a bit shocked about these comments. I did notĀ associate the waving of a flag with right-wing nationalism. The image of the Dutch flag is in the Dutch context kind of contaminated. While I still like the video and the waving of the flag I made another video for the Dutch part of my website. It is kind of a shame that great symbols can be hijacked (and yes I know this happens all the time).

The reason for making this Dutch page is that there are still enough Dutch professionals who prefer to read Dutch instead of English. AndĀ  I could not agree more that Dutch is the preferred business language for our company. But I have always written in English and I am not planning on changing that soon. Since I am not a native English speaker my vocabulary and grammar is not as good as it is in Dutch. But I will still write in English because I think that marketing analyses or any other insightful text that I write should reach a large audience as possible. Certainly if the subject is something obscure nobody ever writes about.

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