Thuys Graphic Design

I want to be Thuys (at home)

Thuys is a project I did at Het Dolhuys. It was the development of a museum restaurant concept. The aim was to make a place where museum visitors and people living in the neighborhood would feel at home (hence the the name Thuys which means Home in old dutch). The philosophy behind ‘Thuys’ is that the only place you can be yourself is normally at home but now we have a restaurant and a museum that offers the same feeling. You can be yourself at Het Dolhuys!

Another aim was that the concept could be franchised to psychriatic hospitals or other mental care facilities. I think it would be great if that kind of facilities would have a restaurant where the patients and their visitors could take their minds away of being in a hospital.

Furthermore we also changed the menu and focused on more organic and authentic food. The proprietor of Thuys even doesn’t serve Cola.

My role was to do the creative briefing, explaining the concept to the interior designers and the overall project management. Not only the interior changed but also the kitchen was totally rebuild and enlarged.

The interior design was done by Overtreders-W, the graphic design by RAW COLOR.

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