Euroshopper products that are not for sale (yet)

In several European supermarkets you can find the Euroshopper Brand. Euroshopper is a a discount brand for generic goods like jams, rice, biscuits, etc. The design of the packaging is very well done. The finish designers made a very clear and recognizable design. It stands out on the supermarket shelves, but it is clearly a low no-brand brand (yes a brand that is no brand). The design is made by SEK design. While contemplating this design I was wondering if there would be any products that could not be sold under this generic brand identity. So I came up with some designs of my own.

You can split the designs up in two: first the product where the creativity is the main differentiator like music, books and movies. They can not be made generic. Second the plain illegal products but that can be made generic but can not be sold at a supermarket.


Classical music Euroshopper

Movie DVD Euroshopper


Cannabis Euroshopper design

sex magazine euroshopper

ak-47 euroshopper



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