Disneyland Paris Marketingplan

Disneyland Paris Marketingplan Netherlands

I made a marketingplan for Disneyland Paris for the Dutch Market. I put this together after some interactions I had with Disney the Netherlands. These interactions gave me some insight how the marketing of Disneyland Paris in the Dutch market works. The main thing is that a lot of the paid communication is done by corporate Disneyland in Paris. I got the feeling that the Dutch Staff is not completely satisfied with how this works. I focused in this plan mainly on what could be possible in the Dutch market on top of the corporate communication. This plan is not complete. The reason is that I don’t know the targets and budgets that are involved. The plan is designed according to the corporate branding I found in the annual reports.

This is a ‘fake’ marketingplan. I just made it for inspirational purposes!

or click here for a pdf.

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